Linde MT 15


Make: Linde
Model: MT15
Power: Electric
Capacity: 1500kg



The MT15 electric pallet truck unfolds its potential above all on short distances and demanding terrain: narrow aisles, steep ramps and packed loading areas are no problem for the agile all-rounder. Its compact design, for example the truck’s length including the back of the fork at only 400 mm, makes it easy to maneuver in narrow aisles in the warehouse or in retail stores. As a light weight of only 180 kilograms, the pallet truck can also be used in mezzanine floors. The electric traction and lifting performance relieve the operator, who hardly needs to exert any force to transport loads weighing up to 1.5 tonnes. The long tiller protects the operator, as they’ll automatically keep a safe distance from the truck. The MT15 is particularly flexible with the lithium-ion battery, which allows intermediate charging.