Linde D12 S/SF


Make: Linde
Model: D12 S/SF
Power: Electric
Capacity: Up to 2000kg
Lift Heights: Up to 1724mm



The D12 S/SF pallet stackers can transport two pallets at a time; with weights from 1,200 to 2,000 kg for an individual load and a total load up to 1,800 kg for double loads. This flexibility leads to increased handling capacity, especially because the truck can reach a maximum speed of 10 km/h with its 3 kW three-phase motor. The tight turning radius also ensures that difficult manoeuvres can be executed quickly and easily. There is an Eco-Mode, so that the D12 S/SF keeps going at the end of a shift after intensive use. If it is activated, the truck consumes twelve percent less energy. In addition, the user can adjust the pallet stacker precisely to the current handling task. For example, standard and duplex masts are available with loading heights between 1,574 and 2,124 mm. There is also an optional load backrest which stabilises the load during travel.