Lind T16L


Make: Linde
Model: T16L
Power: Electric
Capacity: 1600KG


Pallet truck with egonomic lift Capacity 1600kg (Series 1152)

Linde T 16 L provides an outstanding compromise between a pallet truck and an adjustable working table. Its small mast enables to lift the pallet up to 804 mm, an ergonomic working position to pick parcels up or drop them off.

The T 16 L matches perfectly with the shelves refurbishment in retail shops or handling in industrial activities, such as entry or end of assembly lines. Additional buttons, available on each side of the truck, enables to adjust the pallet height according the load height, thus keeing an ergonimic and healthy working position.

This fork adjustment can be automated if parcels are organized in layers on the forks. This truck benefits from a lot of innovative features to simplify the driver‘s daily job, to improve his safety and to make the truck stronger.