Lind T14 S, T20 – T25 S/SF


Make: Linde
Model: T14s,T20-T25S/SF
Power: Electric
Capacity: From 1400kg to 2500kg


Stand-on Pallet Truck Capacity 1400 – 2500 kg (Series 144)

The Linde T Series stand-on pallet trucks provide the optimum solution for applications requiring rapid internal pallet transfers, marshalling duties and lorry loading/unloading.

Its four point configuration ensures exceptional stability when travelling, manoeuvring and cornering, while the low service weight and slim 790 mm wide chassis makes it ideal for use on approved mezzanine floors, service elevators, road trailers and containers as well as easy access to block stacks.

The innovative Linde twin-grip, self centring steering control and electric power steering make light work of travelling and manoeuvring and the unique twin-grip design also enables the operator to adopt the optimum strain-free ergonomic driving posture for travelling, reversing and load handling.