Linde R 14-17 X


Make: Linde
Model: R14-17X
Power: Electric
Capacity: From 1400kg to 1700kg
Mast: Duplex or Triplex
Lift Heights: Up to 11500mm

Options: Various attachments and Cab options available


R14-R17 X Electric Reach Trucks Capacity 1400 kg – 1700 kg

R14 – R17 X reach trucks have an exceptional design, which significantly increases performance, driving comfort and safety. They are ideal for the efficient handling of loads up to 1.7 tons and a working height of over 11.5 meters in narrow rack aisles. The positioning of the battery under the cabin means that the driver has double the amount of space and the field of vision through the mast has doubled, compared to conventional reach trucks, thanks to a new mast concept.

The mast is permanently mounted on the chassis. The reach travel movement is now performed by a special fork carriage. This design ensures extremely stable load handling. The position of the battery means that the center of gravity is very low, which leads to high residual load capacities. The special design with extremely short reach travel movements enables narrower aisles in high rack warehouses.