Linde N20 C


Make: Linde
Model: N20 C
Power: Electric
Capacity: 2000kg



Low-Level Order Picker Capacity 2000 kg (Series 1111)

Efficient order picking plays a key role in busy distribution facilities because maintaining fast, accurate picking rates is essential to the success of the business in what is a highly competitive industry. The Linde range of order pickers is designed to match the challenge by offering that competitive edge.

The low-level order picker N20 C is designed around the entire picking process with superior fatiguereducing comfort and a significant number of features which reduce and simplify the operator‘s movement when performing tasks both on and off the truck.

The chassis of the N20 C offers an immediate proximity of the operator and the load for higher productivity while using pick by voice system. The unique “U” shaped operator’s compartment fully suspended links console, platform and backrest for an exceptional driving feel. With its superbly functional Linde twin-grip steering control replacing the conventional tiller, a perfect interface between operator and truck is achieved.

All operating controls are integrated in the head of the twin grip steering control for intuitive use with either hand. The twin grip electric steering is also self centring which save vital seconds moving between pick locations.